A few words about Ryukrabit

Hi there!
I'm Yvan, also known as Ryukrabit,
and I'm a freelance illustrator from France with some years of experience.

I specialize in manga fanart, fantasy illustrations, and low-poly animal artwork.

My journey has been quite
unconventional, and you might find it rather strange. I started
drawing at the age of 15, which led to me repeating a year in school
due to spending my days immersed in drawing. Then, I pursued mu studies in
chemistry (chemical processes and water) before taking a
90-degree turn towards in a graphic design degree.

(Don't bemistaken, though, it's all about visual communication and not drawing!)
I didn't complete the degree and
instead embarked on a career in freelance illustration.

Clearly, I'm not the conventional
role model to follow!

As for my passions, I'm a hardcore fan of Japanese animation, truly!

We could even have a competition, but I believe I'm almost unbeatable
when it comes to the number of anime series I've watched.

That's why I strive to pay homage to these works through my fanart
illustrations. My goal is to create at least one fanart for every
anime series, except for Boku no Pico... You know, people who watch
that are a bit peculiar!

I also draw a lot of my inspiration from medieval fantasy, such as the
works of J.R.R. Tolkien and Lovecraft, as well as video games by
FromSoftware, Arenanet, and Riot Games.

That's why I've ventured into creating a web series of animations.

My aim is to offer a series crafted by a devoted fan of medieval fantasy for
fellow fans of the genre. Additionally, this project allows me to
learn traditional animation, as I had never done this type of
animation before the release of Episode 1 of "The Chronicles of

you know a little more about me and my passions. Feel free to join me
on this exciting journey and explore my creations!